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    1. Mickael


      I use MenuTools for the first time and it’s the first software which works perfectly for minimize to tray and make a window transparency (even with XwinServer from Cygwin-X) so very thank you 😉

      Can you please add some useful features like:
      – roll up / roll down with titlebar (very nice with mouse middle click button)
      – add buttons / keyboard shortcut for all actions
      – add a settings menu for hide/display options from window menu, set keyboard shortcut, default transparancy, etc…

      Thank you for your good work and sorry for my bad english (I’m French).


    2. Andy


      thanks for your work.
      Finally there’s a good alternative of PowerMenu that doesn’t work with Win x64. MenuTools is light, simple and userfriendly like it.
      I hope it’s still under development to make it more powerfull: maybe my mistake but it doesn’t work with Firefox or Photoshop a.e. I think because there is a different approach respect PowerMenu or WinSplit: with MenuTools you have to do rightclick based on windows (firefox has is own menu), with PowerMenu the rightclick was on win taskbar; as the same Winsplit with crtl+alt+canc (on top) works with programm selected on taskbar.
      Thanks for this new useful tool.

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