How to check if KB3033929 / KB4474419 (or similar) is installed for sure

Well, if you are here the chances that you know what KB3033929 / KB4474419 is are really high, but for who doesn’t know:

This update adds support to SHA-2 hashing algorithm signing and verification.

In most cases this means this update enables your Windows to load drivers signed with SHA256 certificates only, otherwise you will need cross-sign your driver with a SHA1 + SHA256 certificates.


HTTP Strict Transport Security (IIS 8)

A few days ago I was reading about HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) and I was looking for an easier way to implement it on a IIS (Internet Information Service 8) host.

With just a few searchs on google, I got some answers…

Some seem easier, some seem wrong, doesn’t matter, I was testing everything to check what was right and good solution.

For one day I thought I got the right one, but I was very, very wrong, let me explain why…



To be honest, I didn’t like the latest’s updates on the Skype interface.

Precisely because of that I continue using the old version 6.21.

I believe that I will continue using it, until they release a better interface.

The only problem is put up with Skype asking if you want to update it.


MenuTools 1.0 beta released

I really enjoyed using PowerMenu, thanks Thong Nguyen for that, but with the release of new 64-bit operating systems, it just stopped working.

For this reason, I decided to develop a similar software with the same features.
Is still in beta and needs to be polished, but it works very well.

For those who do not know what I’m talking about, the picture below tries to explain:


I have plans to add new features such as keyboard shortcuts, customizable menus, internationalization, etc..

However, to avoid wasting too much time developing something that only I’m using, I decided to release this software to public.

The software is free, there is no limitation of features, just a simple license included.

You can download it from here.

Please share your feedback on the comments below.