How to check if KB3033929 / KB4474419 (or similar) is installed for sure

Well, if you are here the chances that you know what KB3033929 / KB4474419 is are really high, but for who doesn’t know:

This update adds support to SHA-2 hashing algorithm signing and verification.

In most cases this means this update enables your Windows to load drivers signed with SHA256 certificates only, otherwise you will need cross-sign your driver with a SHA1 + SHA256 certificates.


HTTP Strict Transport Security (IIS 8)

A few days ago I was reading about HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) and I was looking for an easier way to implement it on a IIS (Internet Information Service 8) host.

With just a few searchs on google, I got some answers…

Some seem easier, some seem wrong, doesn’t matter, I was testing everything to check what was right and good solution.

For one day I thought I got the right one, but I was very, very wrong, let me explain why…



To be honest, I didn’t like the latest’s updates on the Skype interface.

Precisely because of that I continue using the old version 6.21.

I believe that I will continue using it, until they release a better interface.

The only problem is put up with Skype asking if you want to update it.